Local leaders push to keep Lakewood Hospital open

Local leaders push to keep Lakewood Hospital open

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Ohio Senator Michael J. Skindell (D-Lakewood) called on Lakewood City officials and the Lakewood Hospital Association to stop plans to close Lakewood Hospital. Lakewood residents joined Senator Skindell Thursday for a news conference outside the hospital to voice their support for keeping the facility open.

"The people pushing for this closure must consider their fiduciary duties to the citizens of the community and of Lakewood Hospital itself," Senator Skindell said. "Plans were made privately, before there was an opportunity for a greater public discussion. Lakewood Hospital is an asset of the people, with the mayor, city council, and the Lakewood Hospital Association only being temporary stewards of that asset."

The Lakewood Hospital Association, Lakewood Foundation, Inc., and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation signed a letter of intent on January 14, 2015 to close the hospital. Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers, and two Lakewood council members, Mary Louise Madigan and Tom Bullock, are members of the Lakewood Hospital Association and voted in favor of the letter of intent.

In response, Senator Skindell has written a letter to Lakewood officials and the Lakewood Hospital Association that includes the following:

"Lakewood Hospital has been a medical and healthcare asset in our community for generations. It has historically had a reputation of providing high quality community based healthcare to our citizens and residents of surrounding communities. The patients receive compassionate and personalized care. Lakewood Hospital has also been a major economic anchor in our downtown, providing an economic boost that will be impossible to replace. Because of Lakewood Hospital, families have made their home here, medical professionals have established their practices here, and businesses have located here."

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