Essential oils quickly becoming new diet craze

Essential oils quickly becoming new diet craze

Weight loss. Two words that get so much attention these days. While Americans are always looking for the newest "miracle method" to drop the pounds, a growing number of people are considering a possibility that's really centuries old: essential oils.

The "believers" say the oils can cure just about anything, sore throat, headache, a cold, earache, anxiety and on and on. So why not cure eating or metabolism issues, right?

"I'm very passionate about this. I've seen tons of results with all kinds of different people and what it's done for them," says

, a Cleveland area "Essential Oils" educator.

She's so sold on what she believes they can do, she sells them herself. When it comes to the weight loss oil concoction she says her business is booming.

"The oils just assist helping your body cleanse fat cells they would normally store, and helping to satiate your appetite when maybe you have a tendency to overeat."

The oils are extracted from a variety of plants with very potent aromas for the most part. They are said to be all natural, never to leave you shaky or wondering if you are putting something dangerous in your body. You either put oil drops in your water and sip away or you can take the gel pills. Allison says the best blend for weight loss includes cinnamon, peppermint and ginger oil. (Click here for more essential oils that can help you lose weight.)

Angie Hull, of Canal Fulton, says she loves the "diet." She even enjoys the taste of the oil in her water comparing it to a flavored water, replacing her addiction to pop! 

"Try as I might, I know how hard pop is for me but, until this point I haven't been very successful at quitting pop," says Hull.

The 34-year-old says she's down 9 pounds in a little more than a month.

One search on the Internet and you will see the believers abound. But, the medical world, maybe not so quick. 

"The smells have a direct access to our brain, so there is a connection," says Dr. Michael Roizen, the Cleveland Clinic's chief wellness officer.

While he admits there is positive research on the benefits of oils, he also says there's reason for skepticism when it comes to weight loss. 

"Whether it does work to cause long term weight loss, I haven't seen any solid data showing it does that," says Dr. Roizen.

While some might say just the fact the medical world is taking time to study it says a lot, others are quick to call it silly, even "witch crafty." Yet, a growing number say they don't care what is being said all the proof they need is in the pounds they lose.

There are a number of companies selling the oils. Most of them with their own special weight loss blend.

Check out a few here:

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