VIDEO: LeBron James on team buying in and what changed

LeBron James on team buying in and what changed

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James spoke to media on Thursday.

James was asked if they can do certain things to make the guys come together faster, "Well you can't fast track time, the time they (Clippers) spent together obviously you cant can't fast track that but one thing you can try to do is not waste opportunity when you're together, either the bus, or film session, shootarounds like today, games, those things help out a lot so you always try to take a step, even if it's an inch, take a step forward."

The All-Star was also asked if he was aware that Luke Kennard from Franklin, OH was about to pass him on the OHSAA scoring list. LeBron was not award, but added that Luke is on his AAU team and that he is very happy for him.

James was also asked about the team buying in and what changed.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will look to capture their 12th straight win Thursday night when the Los Angeles Clippers come to The Q.

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