$20,000 missing in OH after armored truck drivers load ATM

$20,000 missing in OH after armored truck drivers load ATM

(WOIO) - $20,000 is missing in Garfield Heights and nobody knows where it is.

, which transports tons of cash across northeast Ohio, is missing the large sum.

A police incident report shows $166,000 in $20 bills and $18,000 in $10 bills left Loomis headquarters in Garfield Heights. Two drivers were assigned to drop the cash at an ATM inside a

gas station in Lima.

Seven days after Loomis reloaded the ATM at the Sheetz, it was discovered that $20,000 was missing, which comes down to one block of $20 bills.

investigated the theft after getting a call from Loomis Armored.

Police gathered evidence and presented it to the city prosecutor, who determined there was insufficient evidence to press any criminal charges.

So the $20,000 question: where is the missing money? How does it just disappear?

Loomis Armored Senior Vice President of Risk Management Danny Pack says, "Loomis does not comment on active law enforcement investigations. Equally important, we want to ensure we protect an individual's due process. Law enforcement is the best source for like information."

Reporter Scott Taylor also reached both drivers. One says he is still working for Loomis. The other says he hasn't worked for Loomis for months.

According to the police report, the driver who left the company texted into Loomis nine times after the money disappeared, saying he resigned.

So whoever took the $20,000 appears to have gotten away with it. The money disappeared back in September and as far as police know, is still missing.

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