Week of Money Saving Tips

Week of Money Saving Tips

It's a tough economy and the little things can up when you're saving money. 19 Action News at 11 has a whole week of special reports that will pay off for anyone.

Monday, February 9th:

Cable bills are skyrocketing! Get the secret to saving $20 on your cable bill.

Tuesday, February 10th

We hear all the time how coupons can save you money, but an in depth report shows that some really don't make the cut when it comes to cash register savings.

Wednesday, February 11th

You may be throwing out hundreds of dollars in groceries and not even know it.

Thursday, February 12th

Valentine's Day is just days away! But before you buy you'll want to see our report.  How you can really tell if that jewelry is worth what the appraisers are telling you.

Friday, February 13th

What items should you buy and which ones you should avoid buying at big box retailers? We'll show you!

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