Family of murder victim questions suspect's release

Family of murder victim questions suspect's release
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LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - A murder suspect was recently released from the Lorain County jail, and the victim's family is asking how this could have happened.

Christen Gunder is very emotional about losing her son, 25-year-old Jeffrey Brooks."I miss him so much I don't know how to describe it," says Gunder.

Brooks was in the Colonial Oaks trailer park south of Elyria. There was a fight, apparently over drugs. Nicholas Masley was arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly beat Brooks to death.

"Life will never be the same without him," says Brooks' sister Lauren. Lauren Brooks tattooed her arm in tribute to her brother. Now the family is feeling pain again after the court, against the prosecutions' objection, agreed to lower Masley's bond.

Masley bonded out after spending the last 12 months in jail.

"Why now? What's the cause, what's the cause? I don't know I'm not getting any answers," says Gunder.

Masley is under house arrest, wearing an ankle monitor, and has been ordered not to have contact with the Brooks' family.

None of that is making Lauren Brooks feel any better.

"I'm afraid of him, I'll be honest with you. What is he going to do to me or my brother?" asks Brooks.

The trial is still months away. Now there is fear on top of loss.

"It's been really rough. I have my 'Jeff' days when it just overwhelms me," says Gunder.

Masley's trial is set to begin at the Lorain County Courthouse in late April.

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