10-year-old businessman works on stinky problem

10-year-old businessman works on stinky problem
Kerner Berish showing off his hockey skills (Source: WOIO)
Kerner Berish showing off his hockey skills (Source: WOIO)
Chubb's Stink Away (Source: WOIO)
Chubb's Stink Away (Source: WOIO)

AVON, OH (WOIO) - 10-year-old Kerner Berish is much more at ease on the homemade ice rink in his yard than he is telling us why hockey gear stinks.

"Ahh, sweat," Berish said.

So with the help of his aunt who owns a soap company in California, they created something that could rid his hockey gear of that swampy, sweaty stink.

They called it Chubb's Stink Away. Why Chubb's?

"Umm, that's what my dad calls me," said Berish.

It's basically a concoction of essential oils. The fifth grader didn't care for the first batches because they smelled like cedar wood and patchouli. Then, he came up with a winning combo.

"Umm, like lemon and lavender," Berish describes as he smells the oil in a small bottle, "It works."

But Berish is ten and 19 Action News Reporter Dan DeRoos wasn't going to just take his word for it.

"Is that generally what stinks the most is the hockey glove?" DeRoos asks standing over Berish's pile of hockey gear.

"Umm, yeah."

Berish puts just a couple of drops of the oil in the glove.
"You're sure I should smell this? Hey that smells pretty good. Doesn't smell like a hockey glove I'll give you that," said DeRoos.

Once his teammates, and more specifically their parents, smelled Berish's lemon lavender fresh gear the orders started pouring in.

It's only been two months and Berish has sold a hundred bottles. He's even in business talks with some pretty big sporting good chains. And he's giving back.

"We donate five percent to the North Olmsted Hockey Hardship Fund," he said.
That's a fund that helps buy some of the expensive gear for struggling families.

For watching the story here on 19 Action News, the new company is giving you a 10 percent off coupon simply by entering the code Chubbs19.

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