New Product for Less Painless Lip Injections

New Product for Less Painless Lip Injections

Facelifts and other procedures to make you look younger aren't for everyone.

Now there is a product on the market that is making a popular procedure much less painful.

Heidi Paulson spent years in the sun, resulting in thin, dry, creased lips.

"I can put the lipstick on and then it would come off or it would fade and you'd still see those spots where I had lines or it was dry or thin," says Paulson.

She never wanted to inject filler in her lips, saying, "I had heard some people who had done it elsewhere and it was extremely painful and I've seen some monstrous jobs done and some people who look very scary."

Paulson's dermatologist, Dr. Mary Lupo, was tapped to be one of the first to use a brand new type of filler known as Restylane Silk.

"It really doesn't make the lips larger it makes them better defined not just pumping in fillers and making them stick out," says Dr. Lupo.

In the past, some doctors have used off-label fillers designed for other areas of the face and the lips. Inexperienced injectors could cause lumpy duck-looking lips.

Now doctors have many types of fillers in the toolbox, some for volume in the cheeks, some to stimulate collagen and now thinner ones to refine.

"There are many facial types that really don't look right with bigger lips and so we're seeing these designer fillers now that are targeted for specific areas," says Dr. Lupo.

There is an anesthetic in the filler so patients barely feel the needle.

Paulson says she felt almost nothing and was ecstatic when she saw the instant natural result.

"When I looked in the mirror I see 20-year-old hot lips, I love them," says Paulson.

Dr. Lupo is also the principle investigator for a clinical trial of another new kind of lip filler called Volbella that is still being tested.

"I was just afraid of it being Goldie Hawn in 'First Wives Club' but that didn't happen thank gosh," patient Cindy Orlando said jokingly. She is in the clinical trial. She does not know what product she is getting, but likes how natural it looks.

"It was subtle, but it was enough where people noticed something was done. They would say, you looked better we couldn't quite put our finger on it," says Orlando, adding, "I noticed the lipstick stayed longer and I actually had a place to put the lipstick."

There are several doctors in northeast Ohio using Restylane Silk.

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