Drivers already feeling the pinch of higher gas prices

Drivers already feeling the pinch of higher gas prices

You've probably noticed gas prices are rising.

They're well above $2 per gallon now in many places, and it looks like we're going to continue to see higher prices.

The average gas price in Cleveland is up almost 19 cents per gallon in the past week. But they're not even close to what they were one year ago.

As he filled up at the BP on East 9th Street and Carnegie, Terry Estis said he's noticed that gas is more expensive. But he's not complaining.

"Still doing pretty good because it was close to $4 at one point," Estis said.

In fact, gas was close to $4 per gallon in some places at this time last year. But it dropped to under $2 per gallon in recent weeks.

Many drivers we talked to felt the difference in their budgets.

"More money to have for going out, entertainment. You name it," said Troy Sampson.

Fred Mclin agreed, "Buying more food, clothes. Making sure the kids had what they had. You're able to do a lot with the extra money."

Gas prices were at their lowest levels in late January. But experts say the increases you've been seeing will continue in the next 90 days.

Don't be surprised if prices are considerably higher by April.

Mclin said he already has started leaving one of his cars at home and driving a second car that gets better gas mileage.
"Now, if it go up much higher, I'm going to put both of them up and get on my bike," he said with a laugh.

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