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Kevin Love: "Initially I was confused, but I don't feel bad" (Video)

Kevin Love (Source: WOIO) Kevin Love (Source: WOIO)
 Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love spoke with media on Tuesday.

Love was asked his impressions of the last 48 hours and what has been going on, "I mean listen, I was caught off guard when I heard it, you know I talk to LeBron every day. I know there has to be some sort angle and you guys have deadlines to make, it's a 24-hour news services and there has to be so much put out there but, I talk to LeBron every day, we're teammates we see each other, there's no problem with us. I really feel like, he said if he had a problem with me or anybody on the team or coaches or training staff or someone, he would go right to them, initially I was confused but I don't feel bad."

LeBron James tweeted on Saturday, "Stop trying to find a way to FIT-OUT and just FIT-IN. Be apart of something special! Just my thoughts!"

Many believe it was shot at Love but James stated after the Lakers win that it was, "Just a general thought."

The Cavaliers will take on the Miami Heat on Wednesday at The Q.

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