Tips to combat chapped lips

Tips to combat chapped lips

Cold, windy conditions are the perfect recipe for chapped lips this time of year.

But experts say you should resist the one thing that seems natural: licking them.

"Saliva, once you put it on the lips, it dries out and makes our lips even more dry. Plus the enzymes that are in saliva that are meant to digest food are actually irritating to the lips," says Dr. Melissa Piliang with


Dr. Piliang recommends using a lip balm that is ointment-based, containing petrolatum or glycerin.

Both then to lock moisture in and help heal cracks or splits.

Dr. Piliang says some of the usual remedies containing camphor, eucalyptus and menthol should be avoided because they can dry your lips even worse.

She also says you should also avoid brushing or touching your lips when they are peeling.

"It's better not to scrub them or pick that off with your teeth or your fingers. That just makes cracks and sores on your lips and can make things worse. Instead, apply a very heavy ointment-based balm that will be soothing and help to heal it," says Dr. Piliang.

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