VIDEO: LeBron James on final push to All-Star break

VIDEO: LeBron James on final push to All-Star break

forward LeBron James talked to media on Wednesday.

The four time MVP was asked how important are the final two games before the all-star break, "Important that we play well and continue what we been doing over the last month or so, It's important for our team to know that and win, lose, or draw if we get better, you can get better in loses a lot of people don't know that but you can get better, you want to come out and play your game, both offensively and defensively and be satisfied with that."

James was asked if he all the jitters are out and what the feel is for tonight's game against the Heat compared to when he played them on Christmas Day, "It's a different feel for sure, it's always great to go against those guys that I won championships with,"

James and the Cavaliers will take on the Miami Heat tonight at The IQ. The Heat won the first match up of the year in Miami by a score of 101-91. The Cavs will travel to Chicago tomorrow to take on the Chicago Bulls before all-star break.

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