Best Home Treadmills and Ellipticals

Best Home Treadmills and Ellipticals

You want to exercise but can't find the time.

That's one of the most common reasons people skip their workouts, and when many New Year's resolutions to get fit fall by the wayside.

But ConsumerReports is taking away some of your excuses.

Whether you want to walk, run, stride or glide, Consumer Reports' latest tests of ellipticals and treadmills can help you find some at-home machines that will rival the ones at the gym.

"We evaluate exercise range. We want a machine to be able to keep up with you as your fitness level increases, so a wider range is a plus," says

Peter Anzalone, a senior tester for Consumer Reports.

Testers also look at how easy the machines are to use.

They recommended the $3,700 Precor treadmill, which has a screen that looks like a tablet.
And the buttons on the top-performing $2,300 Sole T-T-8 are easy to read and push while you're on the move.

For a lot less, consider the $1,599 NordicTrack.

While it did show a little wear in Consumer Reports' durability tests, it offers excellent exercise range. Plus it folds up, saving you space.

As for ellipticals, Consumer Reports says ergonomics are key.

"We get people on the machine to see how easy it is to pedal, how easy it is to accelerate and decelerate. On one machine, when I try to start pedaling very quickly it's almost instantaneous. On another machine when I try to pedal as fast as I can, it's hard to get it started. And when I try to stop it's almost impossible to stop," says Anzalone.

A good machine like the Schwinn 470 smooths out the pedaling. It also offers 29 different preset workouts and is a Consumer Reports Best Buy at $800.

Whatever exercise equipment you buy, Consumer Reports says it's a good idea to bring your sneakers to the store to try it out and make sure the machine is comfortable for your body.

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