Danielle, Does it Work? Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel

Two weeks ago I gave

to three young ladies to test.

It's supposed to give you a gel-like salon manicure that doesn't need special lights, comes off with regular polish, and lasts up to two weeks.

But you ask Danielle, does it work?

When I recruited cousins Darian Dickson and Gabby Pasti, as well as Darian's best friend Nicole to test out Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Polish, they admitted they were all pretty rough on their hands.

Gabby plays basketball. Nicole plays softball and stocks shelves at a popular grocery store. Darian spends her free time painting.

"I am more of like an artsy person so I am constantly working with my hands so the paint usually chips off," said Darian.

So the thought of a gel nail polish that gives color and shine up to two weeks was a miracle to them.

"I only heard good things. I heard it lasted long," said Nicole.

"It definitely comes on thicker without any streaks or blemishes," Darian said.

The girls absolutely loved the polish after they put it on.

"Yeah it's shinier," said Gabby.

Even better, the polish dried in just minutes which meant no smudges.

Because of a scheduling conflict we couldn't check their nails until three weeks after the girls originally put on the polish.

Remember, the commercial only promises it will last up to two weeks.

"It lasted for like a week or so, but when I played basketball and stuff it would like chip," said Gabby.

Darian is also very active. She also said it lasted about a week.

"Mine kinda came off with the like working out and picking up weights," she said.

Darian also says her art projects caused some trouble.

"I was doing like etching and I use turpentine to scrub the plates so that completely stripped my nail polish" Darian said.

But before the turpentine, "It actually looked like it was professionally done."

Nicole also said the polish was good for about a week, but chipped in a few days.

"I work at Marc's and stacking cans chipped them a lot but it's still on my nails," she said.

Despite not lasting the full two weeks, the girls said they would buy it again.

So it seems Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel is divine.

You can get the polish for about $8. Customers on Amazon gave it three-and-a-half out of four stars.

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