19 Action News on Pothole Patrol

19 Action News on Pothole Patrol

It's pothole season and 19 Action News has your back.

If you have suffered damages or want to report a pothole, please take the following steps:

If your pothole has been reported here on our website, you can file a claim directly with the city

Click here to read the city of Cleveland's Pothole Policy.

If the pothole has not been reported, please report it to us.

You should then send a letter to the city requesting they release information on all reported potholes. This will boost your chances of getting reimbursed. Under the Freedom of Information Act Ohio Public Records Request you are entitled to that information.

Click here for a template for a FOIA request you should send to the city.

If the pothole has been reported, but the city denies your claim, you can take them to Small Claims Court.

Click here for information on Small Claims Court: 

We are holding the city of Cleveland accountable for making repairs, and for reimbursing you if your car has been damaged.

Click to UPLOAD your photos and include the exact location. Or you can e-mail your complaint. 

West 140th just north of Triskett
West 25th SB on Detroit near I-90
Emory right above mulch company between Ingles at I-75 and Dollar General161572
East 93rd to East 99th and Union -- 5 potholes
Miles just before bridge to turn onto East 93rd
Lee between Deforest and Miles
Miles near I-480 EB exit, and just before entrance ramp to I-480 WB on Miles
NB West 117th between Clifton and Lake160205
NB West 117th north of Berea below RTA overpass
West 117th NB lane of I-90 overpass
Intersection of West 117th and Triskett SB lanes
Both directions from West 25th and Lorain to Pearl and Brookpark
North of Boston up to Lunn
West 73rd and Lorain just north of Lorain
West 150th on Lorain going EB to West 130th on Lorain
East 13th and East 14th on Rockwell headed EB
Pothole SB on Orange
Miles between Northfield and Green by I-480
West 140th between Triskett and I-90 bridge by Lakewood Heights159090
From MLK and Harvard to MLK and Shaker -- estimated 50 potholes in both directions161713
East 116th and MLK161714
East 116th and Corlette
East 116th and Buckeye through East 116th and Union161723
Intersection of East 22nd and Prospect
Multiple on South Marginal
Chatfield off West 150th 
West 130th before I-480 overpass
Intersection of Neff and Bella
Intersection of West 140th and Puritas159600
West 130th off Lorain down to West 150th on Lorain 
North Marginal between Lorain and I-90 
Terrace Road
East 144th
Union between East 88th and Broadway  
West Blvd at EB off-ramp from I-90 
Between East 93rd at Harvard and East 100th at Harvard 
West 130th between I-71 and Lorain 161975
Multiple at Stearns between Stokes and Carnegie 
Intersection of Euclid and Green  
4800 block of Biddulph heading WB162418
4900 block of Pearl161762
St. Clair between between E. 144th and E. 149th
Caine between E. 131st and E. 146th161952
W. 117th between Clifton and Franklin162183, 162182
Ontario SB by Carnegie intersection, second lane from the left160885
Holton and Ambler162784
South Woodland/Buckeye between Van Aken and East 123rd162789
Berea on west side of West 117th160596
Madison and West 117th162194
Several potholes on Johnston from Garfield Heights border to Miles162794
Ridge and Brookpark by I-480160522
Pearl NB just before Cypress in left lane161910
Multiple on East 152nd between Waterloo and Woodworth/Noble162315
Intersection of East 116th and Continental
Turney from Macomb to Vineyard
From 116th and Harvard to 43rd and Harvard
SB Broadview just before Brookpark 
West 117th and Lorain NB163420
Intersection of Forest Hills and Lee
Eddy between Thornhill and Forest Hills
Woodhill from Quincy to Mt. Carmel
From West 130th and Bellaire to West 130th and Brookpark161440
Between Miles and East 167th and Miles and Wyatt163467
Intersection of West 45th and Gifford163460
From Miles and East 139th to Miles and East 93rd161938
On Harvard from Lee to 154th
East 143rd near Woodworth
Multiple at intersection of Neff and Villaview162495
West 98th and Marginal under and around I-90 EB and WB162493
East 25th between Payne and Superior162497
Harvard/Denison bridge exit from I-176 NB onto Harvard EB162516
Fleet between Broadway and East 49th162517
Harvard between 154th and 176th
131st and Union to 131st and Harvard
Bridge crossing I-480 by Brookpark
Clifton near Detroit
West 28th between Lutheran Hospital and freeway
Vine east of SR91 
71st and Harvard
West 15th between Puritas and Brookpark in both directions
25th and Bridge next to Dave's Supermarket
Franklin and Bridge through Ohio City
All of Fleet and Harvard
North Marginal between MLK and East 72nd
Triskett turning onto Lorain164808
East 147th and Kinsman to East 147th and Bartlett
From Mt. Auburn and Woodhill to 900 block of Woodhill
Buckeye-Woodhill Rapid Station to Woodhill and Mt. Carmel
West 25th and Clark
Turney from Cleveland-Garfield Heights border
Brookpark WB from Broadview to Pearl 
West 25th through Ohio City
Sprague from 21st to State 
York by Tri-C WB to Pearl
All of Enterprise
East 14th and Prospect
Woodhill between Woodland and Quincy
East 105th between Quincy and Cedar
West Shaft and Hinckley
East 18th south of Carnegie164130
East 152nd from Waterloo to Sarinac in both directions161678
West 11th from Spring to Shaft164132
Harvard near 160th and Lee164139
Right lane of East 55th from Carnegie onto I-490 WB164149
SR2/I-90 Warren & South Marginal162116
Lakeview between Euclid and Superior162801
Orchard Park and Warren162142
Miles and East 167th163467
Munn between Lorain and 237163434
Warren from I-90 to Munn162145
State NB, just past Brookpark in far left lane164261
147th and Miles to 147th and Harvard164257
177th and Tarkington to Lee by Kerruish Park164258
Intersection of Lee and Judson in front of McDonald's163433
Intersection of East 71st and Chester165120
East 66th and Hough164127
116th and Miles162790
West 117th toward Lakewood and Detroit 162183
West 150th just before BP going SB before I-71 NB165531
Superior just west of East 30th entrance ramp to I-90 WB165673
Willey from Scranton to Columbus165628
East 185th and East Park 165658
East 9th heading SB under bridge past closed ramp to I-77165662
Several around 2069 West 33rd off Lorain165675
West 25th just past State165679
Brookpark between Broadview and State161557
State NB from Brookpark to end of I-480 entrances165684
Intersection of London off 152nd, stretching across Olympia
Glendale from Lee to Wendy165692
St. Clair between 176th and Larchmont165697
West 65th between Denison and Lorain165701
West 7th and Starkweather166489
Warner from Garfield to Ella 165786
Professor and Jefferson165244
East 176th and Larchmont165697
Cranwood between East 131st and East 136th
West 140th between Emery and Puritas166516
118th between Wade Park and Ashbury 166603
West 140th between Lorain and Puritas 164778
West 130th between Loraine and Puritas166496
State just south of Burger in the curb lane167118, 164888
West 160th/Industrial Parkway to West 150th165719
Intersection of 49th and Detroit just passed the light166382
West 117th by Rally's in the curb lane166905
4301 West 49th165689
East 116th between Kinsman and Union167812
East 39th and Community College166901
EB on Pleasant Valley1508925
State's curb lane by Wexler's Tavern at Hillcrest167108
Intersection of Enterprise and West 130th in left SB lane of West 130th 167110
NB lanes of West 130th starting at Brookpark all the way to Enterprise intersection167113
East 66th and Lawnview167116
Lexington between East 71st and East 79th184043