Alternative to the flu shot: a chiropractor?

Local chiropractor believes spine adjustment fights the flu (Source: WOIO)
Local chiropractor believes spine adjustment fights the flu (Source: WOIO)

AVON, OH (WOIO) - A local chiropractor believes a few adjustments might be a better way to battle the flu.

"When you look at even our CDC saying this year's flu shot isn't effective. People are going to be searching for other ways to prevent it," says Dr. Natalie Migoni, a chiropractor with Health Source of Avon.

According to Dr. Migoni, her Wellness Care plan may have been a better plan than the flu shot. First and foremost it consists of routine adjustments.

Dr. Migoni says your nervous system runs through your spine, and if it's out of line it's not communicating well with your brain.

"If there's an issue with your spine and you're not getting the messages out to the body, gathering information and getting messages back to the brain, the brain can't react. The brain can't respond and say 'hey I need to send out some immune fighters to that area.'"

But it's not just about a straight spine. There's a health risk assessment.

They look at your diet as well as supplements like fish oil and vitamin D that your body normally get from the sun.

"Especially from living in Northeast Ohio from October 1 through March 1 it's been proven you can't get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun, it doesn't exist here," Dr. Migoni explains to 19 Action News reporter Dan DeRoos.

Her plan is unconventional, so DeRoos asked, "Obviously there are going to be doctors who say..."

"Bogus," Dr Migoni suggested, "Sure. Of course. And that's fine. I mean everybody, in health there are specialist in everything. If you came to me and said I have a health problem, I'm not healthy I'd say you're in the right place."

We reached out to Dr. Frank Esper, an Infectious Disease expert at University Hospitals.

He advises the best way to avoid getting seriously ill from the flu is getting a flu shot. Dr. Esper also followed that up, noting he does not see a chiropractor.

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