Shooters taking their shot

Shooters taking their shot
West in the flats. (Source: Kevin Goodman)

, an icon in the Flats, is betting on their future as the once proud entertainment district is redeveloped.

A $500,000 renovation is almost finished, an interior makeover from the ceiling to the floor.

Laura Farago, Shooters' marketing director showed us around the spruced up restaurant.

"We certainly didn't want to fix something that wasn't broken but we did want to freshen the place up," Farago said.

Shooters opened in 1986, and was a major player in the glory days of the Flats.

But hard times hit the Flats for a variety of reasons and many establishments went out of business.

But not Shooters.

With a prime spot on the Cuyahoga River and a massive sun deck, Shooters not only survived, they thrived.

"We've been here for so long that we have a new generation of people coming in whose parents did the same thing," Farago said, explaining the restaurant's appeal.

But now what? A major Flats redevelopment is underway across the river on the east bank. Bars, restaurants and apartments are quickly being built. But Shooters, according to Farago, does not see this as competition.

"The more the merrier. We love the idea of new people coming down, re-remembering the Flats whether it's the east bank or west bank," said Farago

A massive apartment building going up is bringing optimism.

Downtown has seen new energy as people have moved into the city. Now with a 250 unit apartment complex being built on the east bank, the Flats will have life 24-7.

"I think it's only going to help, having more residents, we'll be busy Monday through Thursday in addition to Friday through Sunday," Farago said.

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