43 Forum: Rev. R.A. Vernon of the Word Church

43 Forum: R.A. Vernon of the Word Church Part 3

Host, Harry Boomer talks life, relationships, religion and redemption with the Word Church's pastor, R.A. Vernon.

Pastor R.A. Vernon leads The Word Church, one of Cleveland's largest churches. He also airs a sermon weekday mornings at 6:30 on WUAB My 43.

His name came up in a recent Plain Dealer article during the murder trial of Julius Webster, founder of the notorious Heartless Felons Gang. The article talked about a letter Webster wrote to Pastor Vernon three years ago, confessing to past crimes and repenting of sorts about how he feels different about his role in crime and his negative legacy.

The letter was read aloud before a judge and the first Pastor Vernon heard of it was seeing his name mentioned in the paper. He was concerned about being linked to the case and the facts that he was unaware of the letter that was intercepted by law enforcement.

Part of his concern was that he does not want others in prison to stop reaching out to him for advice. We also talked about his ministry and how he counsels congregants in matters of religion and of the heart. He teaches them biblical principles and also how to deal with everyday drama. He's also the author of three books on life and religion.

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