Cleveland renters say they're being left in the cold

Cleveland renters say they're being left in the cold

The name Vista Del Sol apartments sounds so sunny and warm, but many who live at the housing complex in Cleveland, say the sun does shine, but there's no way their units are warm.

"I feel like I have hypothermia. I feel like when I wake up I'm just going to be dead because of the cold air," said Kiesha Williams.

Williams says she and her daughters have to stay warm by sitting under blankets in their living room. Heat is supposed to be included in their monthly rent, but they say they have next to none. Last night was rough - with temperatures outside hovering around zero.

"I almost froze to death. I had company. They had to sleep in their coats. They had kids. Everybody had to sleep in their coats and shoes, and it was just horrible, uncomfortable," added Williams.

Darranae Edwards and Shakila Smith live across the hall. They are more fortunate because the morning sun clearly helps warm their place.

Even so, they told us they've been keeping their oven on 24 hours a day to keep it comfortable enough that they were wearing shorts when we were there.

"I keep my oven on 400 degrees. I turn it on the max, and I keep it on all day and all night literally, because it is so cold in here," said Edwards.

People here say when they complain to management, they are told to get space heaters. the problem is that, that seems to raise their electrical bills, and it also seems to be causing the circuit breaker to trip.

"I always have electrical shorts because if I use too much electricity, it goes out," said Williams.

Williams called building management while we were there. The man who answered said he would be over this afternoon to try and fix things.

Other residents we talked to agreed the lack of comfortable heat has been such a big problem for so long, they weren't getting their hopes up that anything would be fixed.

"I want them to turn the heat on or break my lease, so I can move," said Williams.

But, Williams and her neighbors are hoping Vista del Sol management will feel the heat of their complaints and fix the problem before it comes to that.

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