Space heater may be to blame for house fire

Space heater may be to blame for house fire

Monday around 6:30 a.m., a fire overtook a home on West 88th Street and Brinsmade Avenue.

The damage was so severe, many wondered how anyone could have survived. Thankfully, the homeowner did.

"This is a blessing she made it out.  Although she had to jump out a window," says neighbor Ed Worthy.

The homeowner jumped from a first floor window because the flames grew quickly.

She had two dogs. One didn't make it.

Bruce Laster is boarding up the home. He says he sees this kind of fire once a week, and believes he knows what caused it.

"A lot of them are space heaters and electrical that would be the majority of them," says Laster.

The owner told fire crews that she had two space heaters on, and believes one of them ignited the flames.

The Cleveland Fire Department told us the cold makes fighting fires more difficult because the smoke won't lift.

Also, they say there was so much steam inside the home it was difficult to see.

Worthy says he stopped using space heaters because he worries that something similar could happen to him.

"You have to constantly watch them. If you don't this is the result," says Worthy.

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