Outside workers brave temps to earn paychecks

Outside workers brave temps to earn paychecks

While most of you are staying warm inside your homes, some are forced to work in this bitter cold, braving the arctic assault to earn a paycheck.

Austin Shepherd is out in the elements on West 25


hustling up and down the street parking cars. He works for

and is used to being out in the cold.

"It's a little bit warmer compared to the other days," Shepherd said. "Saturday night was the worst probably on Valentine's Day."
Bitter cold wind chills on Saturday night hurt some businesses on Valentine's Day. The winter weather can have an impact on the bottom line.
"Saturday was tough," said Bobby George, the owner at TownHall. "We were down year over year. Through the week we made up for it."

In fact, TownHall was bustling on Monday night. There was a full house and hardly any tables were free, despite temperatures dipping into the single digits.
But George said weather has been a factor at some of his other places in Cleveland.
"Some of my other businesses it has hit. People don't want to go out as much," he said.
Shepherd doesn't have a choice. He has to be outside to make money. As he pops in and out of cars, he said he can't wait for winter to end.    
"I'm ready for it to be over, that's for sure. Ready for springtime to be out here," Shepherd said. "It's always a fun time out here valet parking in the warm versus the cold, that's for sure."

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