Consumer Alert: A Better Microwave

Consumer Alert: A Better Microwave

Microwave ovens aren't exactly on the cutting edge.

But one inventor has developed a new type of microwave that uses infrared technology. It promises to help you avoid unevenly cooked food and food that burns your mouth!

"We rely primarily on our sense of sight. So it would be so much better if we could be like the predator, and just glance over and see the temperature of our food to tell if it was done," says inventor Mark Rober.

Rober took to YouTube to demonstrate a new kind of microwave, one with thermal vision: the Heat Map Microwave.

Infrared cameras watch the food as it cooks, and the front of the microwave displays a heat map.

"So it will start as blue because it's cold, but then as it cooks it works its way through the temperature scale, eventually to red and then all white when it's done," Rober demonstrates.

He also shows how the heat map can be sent to your smart phone.

"So you can put your soup in, and then you can work upstairs, and if you don't see all white after four minutes, you can add another 30 seconds of cook time from your phone," Rober says.

Rober is a former NASA engineer whose previous YouTube videos featuring his ideas have earned him national attention.

"It is cool to be able to just live in this day and age where you can just reach an audience. You know, where I can put something out. I've been in half a million people's homes in the last 24 hours," he says.

Rober came up with his latest idea while microwaving a burrito, in hopes of solving the annoyances of nuking food.

"It just makes sense that you can see your food cook, and it solves the age-old problem of the frozen burrito," he laughs.

Rober hopes to get potential investors on board.  He has a petition on his website, and if he gets enough signatures, the Heat Map Microwave will very likely become a reality.

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