Z Files: Catch me if you can

Z Files: Catch me if you can

Randall Cobb wants $9 million per year. Torrey Smith has already turned down $7 mil per year from the Ravens. And Jeremy Maclin, he's ready to cash in as well. In other words, if the Browns expect to land a #1 receiver once the market opens on March 10th, it'll cost 'em.

Cobb is the best of the bunch, coming off a 91-catch season in which he racked up 1,287 yards and 12 touchdowns. But the Packers will do everything they can to keep Cobb in Aaron Rodgers' lineup, and they have the cap space to do it.

Smith is the most interesting receiver out there, as far as the Browns are concerned. They obviously know him well, seeing him up close and person twice a year, and signing Torrey not only vastly improves the Browns' lineup, it hurts the Ravens as well. Browns G.M. Ray Farmer is on record as saying he doesn't overvalue wide receivers ("name the last big-time receiver to win a Super Bowl"), and watching the Patriots and Seahawks make their phenomenal runs without a star receiver likely didn't change his opinion, but...with Josh Gordon gone for a year, and quarterback issues once again, will Farmer be able to resist aiming high for a game-changer?

Some predict Torrey Smith will end up with the Browns, especially since the Ravens currently lack the cap space to keep him. It would certainly be a bold move.  The last free agent the Browns stole from the Ravens?  Paul Kruger. They overpaid to get him. We'll soon see if they'll do the same for Torrey Smith. 

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