Instantly Ageless Eye Cream

Consumer Alert: Anti-aging product that's impressing the experts

Forget Tupperware, jewelry or candle parties. At a recent get together, women of all ages came to watch a demonstration by a mother and housewife who promises they can instantly look younger and less tired.

"Let the transformation begin," says distributor Gidget Royes.

Rose Lodrigues is in her mid 50s. She works in the public and says it's embarrassing when people say she looks under the weather.
"The bags. I feel very rundown, very tired. I'm not motivated. I don't feel good," Lodrigues says.

But in just a couple of minutes when she gets a tiny dab of a new product called Instantly Ageless under one eye, the natural fat pad that is protruding disappears.

"Oh my gosh! I feel like I'm a movie star. I feel revived. I feel refreshed and that I can go out and tackle the world," says Rose.

Charlie Lincoln is in her early 70s and teared up when she saw one eye done.

"Because there was such a change and I had sort of given up on wearing make-up and all that sort of stuff. And then it seemed like it would be kind of maybe sort of worthwhile," says Charlie.

This is not the first product to promise instant, although temporary, under eye wrinkle and fat pad correction.

Neotensil was a two-step process sold in doctor's offices for $500 for a seven week supply. The polymers acted like "Spanx" for the under eyes. But obviously it's  not in everyone's budget.

Instantly Ageless takes only one quick step, is $70 for a four month supply, and is sold by anyone who joins Jeunesse's Multilevel Marketing program as a distributor.

"I'm just a mom. I'm just trying to make people happy. There's so many parties that I have scheduled right now. And the demand, I can't even keep up right now and I need people to help me," says Royes.

Royes was paid to become a distributor right after Instantly Ageless hit the market. She says the company has sales training sessions on the web.

But is it the real deal?

Dermatologist Dr. Patricia Farris says, "It contains an ingredient called Argireline. Argireline is a peptide that actually mimics the effects of Botox. Now with that being said, I don't want to overstate the benefits. Is it going to work as good as a Botox injection? No. Is it going to last as long as a Botox injection? No. But it does inhibit the neurotransmitters that stimulate muscles, so it can at least in some ways mimic the effects of Botox."

Doctors say the product is safe, with the Argireline possibly working on wrinkles in a minimal way, and the polymer-like ingredient tightening the skin.

It's for women and men who don't want to have plastic surgery and don't mind the two minute wait staying expressionless to look younger for the day.

Our Consumer Reporter Danielle Serino is not a fan of multilevel marketing programs, saying that often people do not make money, and some end up losing money.

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