Winterize your home as winter wears on

Winterize your home as winter wears on

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - They're stocking up for spring at

in Westlake. But first we have to get through winter and that means trying to keep the cold out of our homes without breaking the bank.

"The cold we've been having the last week or so, it's been rather hectic," says employee Dustin Mclaughlin.

A window insulation kit can help keep the cold from seeping into your windows. It just takes a few minutes to tape and blow dry the shrink wrap.

Rope caulk can insulate the framing of the window.

Door sweeps keep the air from sneaking in through the bottom of doors.

Insulate cracks in places like your basement so the cold and critters don't come in. The best choice is an expanding foam.

You can get all these cold cost cutters for about $25 each.

Experts say window insulation alone can cut down on the draft by at least 30 percent.

"People come in and they're surprised to learn that something so simple can save them so much on their heating bill by putting a piece of plastic over your window to keep the air out," explains Mclaughlin.

It beats buying new windows. A quick fix for just a few bucks that can be taken down or away when spring finally arrives.

With the cold snap, employees at the Westlake Ace Hardware say they've been getting at least ten customers a day buying insulation..

They've also been selling plenty of space heaters.

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