Consumer Alert: Tax filing scam circulating northeast Ohio

Consumer Alert: Tax filing scam circulating northeast Ohio

SUMMIT COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Tax season is prime time for crooks to come after you. In Summit County, scammers have hit six people in just two days.

Betty Moyers just celebrated her 86


birthday, but she says something else has been on her mind.

"I was just a mental wreck," says Moyers.

Someone stole her identity. She says her son got what appeared to be a tax-related check in the mail a couple of months ago with her name on it.

"A return on my taxes. I haven't filled taxes out for what -- how many years? Three or four years," says Moyers.

Moyers now has a folder her daughter put together labeled "Mom's ID Theft Info." The packet includes a letter from the

telling her someone has her personal information.

She put a fraud alert on her credit report, contacted the bank, and filed a police report.

"It scares me. I don't want anyone invading my life," explains Moyers.

But the Akron woman isn't the only victim. The

has at least five other cases of tax fraud they're investigating, including people who filed fake tax returns in victims' names.

Moyers is left with a horrible feeling, trying to understand why this happened to her.

"I hope things like this don't happen to other people," she says.

Moyers says someone stole personal information from her home several years ago.

If you become a tax scam victim, contact the

, fill out an identity theft affidavit, and if you get a suspicious check in the mail, don't cash it.

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