VIDEO: Kyrie Irving on playoff push and All-Star break

Kyrie Irving on first playoff push

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving spoke to media on Wednesday.

The Cavaliers are back to work from the All-Star break, but for an All-Star like Irving it wasn't much of a break, "It's not much of a break when you're going into the weekend and start off Thursday you get in at 4 in the morning and you got appearances, but at the end of the day it's worth it and it's an honor we have to represent our team respectively and have a good time."

Irving was asked what is more important, physical or mental rest, "They go hand in hand, you feel good mentally and you can push through physically, but as we make this playoff push we will have both at an all-time high."

"Just going to take it day by day, it's a learning process, obviously I never been in a playoff push but just got to learn from the guys ahead of me and the guys that have experience and just take it from there." Irving said when asked about the upcoming playoff push with him having no playoff experience.

The Cavaliers return to the court on Friday when they take of the Wizards in Washington.

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