DDIW: Flip2BFit

DDIW: Flip2BFit
Kids love the activities. (Source: WOIO)
Kids love the activities. (Source: WOIO)

(WOIO) - With all the talk about child obesity comes a new game designed to exercise not only kids' bodies, but their minds, as well. It's called

. But you ask, Danielle, does it work?

The object of the game is fitness.

P.E. teacher Zack Walton and some elementary school kids wonder whether a game called "Flip2BFit" will be a hit.

The game revolves around four categories: strength, stretching, cardio and yoga.

The makers say Flip2BFit puts a fun and active twist on a classic memory and matching game.

"It helps players improve their memory, while also testing balance, coordination and gross motor skills," says the commercial.

But you ask, Danielle, does it work?

"Strength exercises, like push ups, help us with arm muscles," says Walton.

On the first team's turn, they spun the dial to pick a category.

"There you go. What does it say? Cardio -- two spaces," says Walton.

They drew a card from the designated category and had to move their bodies in order to move a space.

"What's it say? Jumping jacks -- group play. So that means everybody's up on your team. We've got to do 15 jumping jacks," says Walton.

Walton says he would modify the game a little since some of the terms are different than what the kids know.

"The game calls this exercise can openers. We call them something else: touching our toes. We're going to do it five times, and it says touch your toes, stand with your feet together. So stand, arms stretched over your head, you're going to bend over and touch your toes without bending your knees," explains Walton to the testers.

Overall, the testers seem to like the game.

"It was pretty cool," says one student.

"I liked it because it was fun and you got to do the exercises," exclaims another student.

"I think it's on the right track and has some really good intentions in it, to get kids involved in fitness," says Walton.

So it seems the Flip2BFit game is something to do cartwheels over.

The product is for ages 6 and up. I found it for as low as $25. Consumers on

gave it five out of five stars, which I have never seen.

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