Salvation Army Cantina warms bellies in the cold

Salvation Army Cantina warms bellies in the cold

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you ever wondered where the money you give to the

goes, Reggie Wynne showed us.

Wynne drove our Denise Zarrella to a place he goes every weeknight to feed those less fortunate.

Wynne works for the Salvation Army now, but he used to be on the receiving end. He was living on the street even in freezing temperatures.

"I was homeless. I spent the night in abandoned houses anywhere I could find it to lay it down. I had to go through that," said Wynne.

That was seven years ago. Wynne has been giving back ever since.

"I been bestowed a second chance in life, and it's so good to be clean and sober," added Wynne.

On a night when wind chills could dip to -14, this Salvation Army Cantina is headed to a snowy place in East Cleveland where the need for a hot meal is great.

Wynne said he's seen some tough situations.

"A woman out here with two kids on the street. Pulling their kids along. That was the saddest I ever seen. The two kids, they didn't have any coat or nothing," said Wynne.

He helped that mother and her children find a place to stay.

Wednesday night, close to a dozen men wait for Reggie as he pulls up to a snowy street corner in front of what looks like an abandoned service station.

"You don't get too many people out here that do this," said John Coler of Cleveland.

"It gives me something to eat when I've got nothing to eat," added Ricardo Harris of East Cleveland.

This will be the only meal some will get until Reggie pulls up again Thursday.

The men tell us they do have somewhere to go where they can stay warm tonight, but they know some who don't.

"I just pray for them. I just hope God puts a roof over their head. Gotta stay strong out here in Cleveland," said Coler.

"It's like giving them hope. One more day," said Wynne with a smile as he packed up the Cantina, knowing he'll return at the same time Thursday, but not knowing who will be back for more.

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