Bundling up your feet in freezing temps

Bundling up your feet in freezing temps

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Health experts want us to bundle up, wear layers, hats and gloves in freezing temperatures.

But one local store owner reminds us that our socks are just as important.

Carmen Pirsan came to Geiger's in Lakewood. She's getting supplies for her ski trip.

"You have to wear two or three pair of socks in your ski boots. They said nope, you just have to wear one, but a good one. Good quality," said Pirsan.

It is a valuable lesson she's learned from store owner Gordon Geiger.

He said whether you're hitting the slopes or walking to work, you must protect your feet.

"You want to have a good pair of socks, a good pair of wool socks is the best. We carry SmartWool brand. We think they're the best and they come in all kind of colors and weights," said Geiger.

He also says cotton is a bad choice when it's freezing outside.

"You don't wear cotton next to your body especially your feet. They'll sweat and cotton absorbs that and won't pass though. The marina wool socks will keep you the warmest," says Geiger.

The socks run between $17 to $25 a pair.

"It's worth saving for and investing in. Once you start wearing these even in the summer and spring, you won't want to wear anything else," said Geiger.

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