Stinky situation at Brooklyn Police Department

Stinky situation at Brooklyn Police Department

BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - City Hall in Brooklyn has had a flooding problem twice this month.

Earlier this month, crews had to clean up raw sewage in the building.

On Wednesday, Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor was the first to show you the flooding on Twitter of the

Station after a water pipe burst and flooded part of the building.

John Verba with the City of Brooklyn says, "Yesterday we had a pipe burst down in our Fire Station that caused some flooded in our police station."

The jail was shut down for five days thanks to that burst pipe. Cells were flooded, along with a kitchen and the police evidence room.

Verba blames prisoners who he says clogged the sewer lines, and says this is an ongoing issue.

This time, two sump pumps failed.

Back in 2011 the city found black mold in the building and had it cleaned up. No tests will be conducted this time because Verba says there was not enough moisture.

"When the back up originally we had our own guys in. Once we got everything cleaned up we found out the problem. We called a private company to take over all the sterilization and final clean up so everything was ready to go," says Verba.

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