Consumer Alert: reshipping scam

. - There are not as many work-at-home jobs out there as you might think. Unfortunately, thieves are everywhere and one of the scams they love is to post fake jobs on the internet.

Sometimes they are advertised as "merchandising manager" or "package processing assistant."

The only person you'll be helping is them, to steal your money.

One posting comes from a company called "Enterial" that advertised a work-at- home logistics manager position with a salary up to $2,300 a month.

"Their job was to receive electronics via the mail at their address. They were supposed to open these packages, take out the merchandise, make sure it powered up and make sure everything worked properly, wasn't broken. And then they were instructed to re-package it to addresses overseas," said Postal Inspector Steven Bolz.

Enterial claimed to be a wholesale electronics website, handling iPhones, laptop computers and other expensive things you would order online.

They're also the kinds of things you would order if you were a thief and had a stolen credit card.

In fact, the website was just a cover for what's called a reshipping scheme, where the site supplied workers with labels and asked them to re-package and send items overseas.

Postal inspectors say work-at-home scams like this one are on the rise as more people look for employment from home or try to find second jobs.

"Bad guys overseas want to use stolen American credit card numbers to order merchandise. But online retailers like and probably aren't going to ship overseas because they have been scammed before," says Bolz.

Postal inspectors warn consumers to use common sense when doing anything online.

"Why is a company going to ask you to receive packages under all of these different names at your house, repackage them and send them overseas?" warns Bolz.

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