Second visit to frigid apartments reveals no answers

Second visit to frigid apartments reveals no answers

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's still as cold as ice inside one East Cleveland apartment building, and after more than a week, it does not look like a fix is coming any time soon.

When reporter Paul Orlousky first tried to get answers about why there was no heat at the Beverly Terrace Apartments, he was met with a chilly reception.

Tuesday night, a man identifying himself as representing the company contacted Paul.

The man explained that a contractor had just been hired, but permits had to be pulled before work could begin.

At the man's urging, Paul tried to call him back, but was unsuccessful.

So Paul returned to Beverly Terrace on Friday, and was approached by a company representative who drove to our car and put her windows down.

"Did you have a question that you want? Don't put the camera in my face. Paul has a question," the representative said.

She later left the scene and called the police.

To find out if a permit had been pulled to fix the boiler at Beverly Terrace, Paul went to the East Cleveland Building Department where he learned that no permit had been pulled yet.

The process involves filling out a one-page application.

The company's immediate solution was to hand out a letter to residents. It lists four warming centers in Cleveland residents can go to.

"You gotta get on a bus, best way you can to get here. I have an autistic son and I'm not gonna be sittin' up at some center with him," said one resident.

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