College students create Smart Dresser app

College students create Smart Dresser app

Can't figure out what to wear? Several college students have come up with an ingenious app to help you dress for success and solve dozens of wardrobe issues. The "

" app was originally designed for women with autism.

Users can enter a "closet" and the app shows all the items that have been entered into it.

You can sort entries by what type of clothing item they are.

So forget digging through your closet struggling to put an outfit together. The app will generate an outfit for you.

The smart dresser accounts for your style, the weather, and most importantly if you already wore that outfit for the last big meeting with your boss.

"Right now it tells you what date you wore things at so that could help people who just want to know what they wore that day," says developer Justine Stewart.

This all started as a challenge to help girls with autism pick out their own outfits.

Now all the judges from Google, Blizzard and other tech companies are signing the app's praises.

Smart Dresser even won the Team People's Choice Award at the autism app jam in California.

"We actually had quite a few people who came back and told us they could use it themselves. Parents, sons. This is for anyone who has trouble picking out an outfit in the morning," says developer Aneesha Prakash.

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