Online consignment economical choice for fashionistas

Online consignment economical choice for fashionistas

Whether you want a designer bag or dress but can't afford it, or you have some nice things you never use, have I got a deal for you.

One industry is booming for women who want to save some cash or even make a little money.

Now you can get your hands on some Louis Vuitton, Prada or even Chanel, all while wearing your pajamas.

More and more people are getting comfortable with online shopping, and now online consignment shopping.

Style coach Megan Larussa Chenoweth uses new websites like The Real Real, 1stDibs, and Thread Flip to find high dollar designer handbags, shoes and accessories for her clients.

She also helps them sell things they already own.

"It's wonderful for all these kinds of markets where woman want to buy designer things and get great deals," says Chenoweth.

She also says big savings are fueling the online consignment shopping frenzy.

The Real Real, for example, claims that shoppers can snag goods for up to 90 percent off the retail price.

The new sites also eliminate the guess work for shoppers, a huge bonus for Chenoweth and her clients.

"When you are dealing merchandise like Hermes, Chanel, that's so high end, you want to make sure that it's authentic. So even on Ebay or Amazon, even though it may say it's authentic, it doesn't go through the same approval process like on the Real Real. That's huge!" she exclaims.

For those customers who are looking to make cash off of the designer goods they have inside their closets, Chenoweth says online consignment shops usually offer the most bang for your buck.

They don't have to pay for a brick and mortar location, allowing some sellers to get anywhere from 30 to 70 percent back.

Here is a list of local consignment shops:

Cleveland Consignment Shoppe

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