Victim speaks after tow truck driver robbed him at gunpoint

Victim speaks after tow truck driver robbed him at gunpoint

During these brutal cold days, many cars have broken down on the side of the road. For one local man, getting a lift from a tow truck driver ended in a nightmare.

James Williams says he was robbed by a tow truck driver. The Cleveland man's car broke down at East 55


near I-490 Thursday evening.

"It just seemed like my life flashed before my eyes for a moment. I was outside in the frigid temperatures. It was 12 below, 18 below. I thought the person was a Good Samaritan, somebody who was just coming to help," says Williams.

Williams says the tow truck driver dropped his car off at his home several miles away, then gave him a ride to the bank so he could pay him. When they got back to his house, things turned bad.

"I felt frightened. It could have ended my life," Williams says.

According to Williams, the tow truck driver dropped his ID. The next thing he knew, he had a gun in his face.

The man took the $30 Williams was going to pay him for the ride, along with nearly $400 he was going to use to fix his car.

"He just took the money out of my pocket and I just backed off," explains Williams.

The tow truck driver fled, but not before Williams was able to memorize the suspect's driver's license number, which he gave to police when he filed a report.

"One of the most horrifying experiences ever."

Williams says the man was driving a blue and white tow truck.

Police were able to match the driver's license number to a possible suspect. Now Williams has to pick that person out of a lineup.
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