Comic Con to the Rescue for start of Cleveland Restaurant Week

Comic Con to the Rescue for start of Cleveland Restaurant Week

February's deep freeze doesn't seem to want to thaw out, but that isn't stopping superhero-loving

goers from coming out.

Their costumes may be covered in layers, but thousands made it to the Cleveland Convention Center.

"Even in the bad weather this place has been packed all weekend," said Joshua Whitener, who traveled all the way from Oklahoma to be here.

"I was told that there was just a small number of tickets that couldn't get here yesterday. They will take care of those people today. The weather doesn't affect people that come to these. These people wait months and months just to come to one of these shows. Come hell or high water, storms, snow, blizzards, they are going to be there."

In fact, these fan boys and fan girls may have saved the day for other Cleveland businesses.

It is restaurant week times two, and while restaurant managers are saying things went well this weekend, they are sure hoping things heat up a little bit more.

"This weekend was awesome - very surprising due to the weather. I feel that Comic Con helped out a lot. It's been a great weekend," said Stephanie Serrage, manager of the Barley House on West 6th.

The Barley House was one of a select few venues Comic Con chose to host a party.

"They came in and drank and ate and drew comic book pages. That was a really cool event," said Serrage.

Restaurant week actually runs for two weeks, so the hope is that some improving temperatures could turn up the heat on some hot food deals.

"Or, at least the streets get more clear," added Serrage.

Problem is, the forecast is pretty unappetizing. No winter warm-ups are expected anytime soon.

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