Carl Monday Investigation: Moonlight firefighters

Carl Monday Investigation: Moonlight firefighters


discovered some Cleveland firefighters violating the policy on part-time work, putting themselves and citizens at risk.

After the payroll scandal in the fire department, the city vowed to crack down on abuse of the secondary employment policy, which limits firefighters to an average of 20 hours a week on jobs outside the department. And, only with permission from the fire chief himself.

But Monday and his team found dozens of firefighters working at a company called

, an international firm responsible for de-icing planes before takeoff.

The regional manager in charge of the entire United States is William Colberg. It's a full-time job that earns him more than 100,000 a year.

Colberg is also a full-time member of the Cleveland Fire Department. A check of city records shows he doesn't have permission to even work part-time at AeroMag, where he's been employed for eight years.

Monday confronted Colberg as he was about to board a flight to Newark, NJ, where he oversees the de-icing operation at that city's airport. Colberg also spent a week recently at Denver's airport.

"Taking a little trip?" asked Monday.

"Yea," said Colberg.

"Where are you going? Business or pleasure?" asked Monday.

"No comment," answered Colberg.

Of the dozens of firefighters working at AeroMag under Colberg, only four have the department's OK to work part-time. Three requests are pending.

CFD spokesman Larry Gray said it's important that firefighters abide by the 20-hour rule.

"You never know when the bell is going to ring. You may walk in at the beginning of your shift and immediately have a large fire well-involved. If you work a second job and worked long hours, you might not be as strong as you should be to do your job," said Gray.

Gray says it's the first they've heard about Colberg working full-time, or other employees there working part-time without approval, which raises the question, why didn't anyone know, since AeroMag is located on city property at Hopkins Airport?

As a result of Monday's investigation, Gray says an investigation will be launched into secondary employment at the fire department.

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