Bitter cold impacts shoppers

Bitter cold impacts shoppers

(WOIO) - When it's cold and a snow storm is headed our way, shoppers tend to go into stores for items like shovels and salt. So how does the bitter cold affect how and where we shop?

According to a recent survey from Fluent, 16 percent of consumers say they shopped less this winter, while 27 percent say they've done more online shopping.

"If it's snowy and the roads are dangerous, I'm more likely to stay in. If it's a day like today, I'm going to go out and do what I have to do and do my running around," says shopper Gillian Moodt.

The cold isn't stopping some people from shopping outside at

in Westlake. Some retailers there say they're seeing what they call "serious shoppers," which are people who run into stores with a purpose in search of a sale or a specific item, no matter how frigid it is outside.

"I'm one of those girls. I have a mission. I want to get in and get out," explains Alison Bryant.

"It doesn't really matter if there's a store you want to go to, you just make the trip to go," says Amber Dalton.

At indoor malls, like

in North Olmsted, officials say they've noticed more people shopping inside because of cabin fever, especially on days where the sun is shining.

Experts say the bottom line experts is whether it's an indoor or outdoor mall, in the bitter cold, retail sales tend to drop, but when things warm up, so do shoppers' spending habits.

Local retailers we spoke with say with spring around the corner, and many schools going on break, they expect to see more traffic.

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