82-year-old killed in overnight fire at senior living facility

82-year-old killed in overnight fire at senior living facility
Jones was killed in the overnight fire. (Source: Family)
Jones was killed in the overnight fire. (Source: Family)

An 82-year-old woman was killed in an overnight fire at a senior living facility on Cleveland's east side.

It happened at East 187th Street near Harvard Avenue at the Perry Brooks Jackson building, run by the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

The one-level building is a collection of 50 units, and is an independent facility run as an HUD community for seniors. Fraternity officials say they have a handful of these facilities around the country and do so as a part of community outreach.

Around midnight, a fire started in one of the apartments across the hall from Dorothy Reese Jones. Firefighters told her brother they had to go in after her in the smoke.

"They said that they had to drag her out," said David Jones. "But they said when they drug her out, that she had a faint pulse once they put her in the ambulance."

"They said they tried to revive her, for over an hour," her niece, Monique Duke, said.

Dorothy Reese Jones, known as "Dot," was rushed to South Pointe Hospital by EMS, where she was later pronounced dead. According to family, she died of cardiac arrest.

Two others are still being treated, but fraternity officials say their conditions have improved and they are no longer critical.

"She loved to cook. She was a nice person. I mean, it's just sad. We're going to miss her," said Duke.

"She was a nice person. She kind of, she'd been here about two years. She mostly stayed to herself. I came up every Saturday to go to the store for her," said her brother.

Residents are receiving help from the

, though most have moved back inside the building.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Officials say it started in the apartment across from where Jones lived.

While in the building, 19 Action News reporter Dan DeRoos noticed there were no fire suppression sprinklers. Fraternity officials claim HUD does not require them, but say they do have fire alarms, which were working last night.

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