Fans react to new Browns logo

Fans react to new Browns logo
A side-by-side comparison of the logos. (Source: Cleveland Browns)
A side-by-side comparison of the logos. (Source: Cleveland Browns)
A tougher dog symbolizes the Dawg Pound. (Source: Cleveland Browns)
A tougher dog symbolizes the Dawg Pound. (Source: Cleveland Browns)

It took the

front office two long years to unveil an old logo that would now transform into the much anticipated new 2015 look. It's a tweaked version of what they had. Fans are shocked at the similarity.

"What is the point? There's not really a difference. The Browns. What can you say? The Browns," said Matt Sansavera, of North Royalton.

"It looks almost exactly the same," said Todd Dillon, of Lakewood.

The orange the Browns are using is much brighter. The new Dawg Pound logo is more fierce -- just how the coach expects them to play.

"That's good. I do like that. That looks pretty cool," added another longtime fan.

Marketing expert Craig Israel believes they chose something that was safe for good reason.

"It's no surprise that the Browns get a lot of criticism, and what they've unveiled today, I think is a very safe direction for them. Nobody is going to be super passionate about it. Nobody is going to hate it," Israel said.

Israel is the creative director for the Cleveland marketing firm,

. In a quirky coincidence, this company just made a similar logo change. It was using the old Browns' orange and opted for the new Browns' orange, too.

"It's bringing in a more contemporary color palate to what they have now. I suspect they'll make full use of it, that they will have new jerseys, new T-shirts out there. Hopefully they can sell a little more swag because of this change," explained Israel.

But what exactly is in a color? There are theories that winning teams wear certain colors, like red or a rich navy blue.

"If the Browns were to throw away all their colors, and adopt red jerseys, I'm not sure that would turn around our losing streak," said Israel.

Browns officials say they just wanted to serve their fans, but maybe there's a better way.

"We need different players, and that will make a difference in how we play, realistically!" added Sansavera.

The big reveal for the new uniform design is expected in April.

View a side-by-side comparison of the changes.
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