Salt taking its toll on cars

Salt taking its toll on cars

In this cold weather, we want our roads treated. But all the salt on the road can leave your car a mess on the outside and underneath. We spoke to a local expert about the things you need to know to protect your car.

Andrew Maloney, of Andrew's Auto Service in Cleveland, inspected the underside of a car and pointed out some of the damage caused by this winter weather.

"This is what happens when you leave the salt up under the vehicle and you don't rinse it or wash it off," said Maloney. "This is a prime example of what would happen to a frame. It would just start to flake away, and eventually, just rot from the inside out."

In addition to washing your car, especially underneath, you could also get rubberized undercoating at an auto parts store, or go to a shop that can do it for you.
"They specialize in undercoating and basically creating a barrier between the body and the salt and the elements," Maloney said.
That would help prevent build-up and corrosion. AAA estimates that drivers spend about $6.5 billion every year repairing damage caused by salt and brine corrosion.
Experts recommend heading to the car wash immediately after a major snowstorm.
"You want to fit into your winter budget some car washes, and maintain the body and the undercarriage of the vehicle," Maloney suggested.

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