LeBron James: Stop recruiting my son

LeBron James: Stop recruiting my son

With a name like LeBron James Jr. it will be sure to grab a lot of attention, LeBron James is arguably the best basketball player on the planet, and his 10-year old son has already received letters and scholarship offers from college coaches.

"Yeah, he's already got some offers from colleges," James told Mike Sullivan of CBS Detroit on Tuesday, "It's pretty crazy. It should be a violation. You shouldn't be recruiting 10-year-old kids."

Per NCAA rules, College coaches are not prevented from monitoring young players like LeBron James Jr.

From the NCAA handbook: "In men's basketball, a coaching staff member may observe an individual who has not entered the seventh grade participating in an athletically related activity, provided such observation occurs during a period when it is permissible to evaluate student-athletes."

Here is a video of LeBron James Jr. at the 2015 John Lucas All-Star Weekend. The video is courtesy of TakeMyTalent.com YouTube channel. 

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