Recruiting King James' son

Recruiting King James' son

Lebron James Jr. is already being courted at the ripe age of ten.  The son of "King James" is already receiving letters and scholarship offers

from college coaches. His father has publicly said this is crazy and should be a violation.

But, the apple may not fall far from the tree. Big Lebron got attention early for his hooping skills, and we all know where that led him.

Ted Ginn Senior knows what it's like to have a son who is a talented athlete. The coach and mentor runs the Ginn Academy for at risk students.

"Recruiting has changed so much," explains Ginn, who sees nothing wrong with colleges looking at players at a young age.

"I think it's part of education. I think it's great exposure for him to continue to work hard as a student, as a young man and to see where you can go," says Ginn.

This is nothing new. Connecticut star Ryan Boatright committed to USC before he was even in high school. Marquette's Matt Carlino reportedly got an offer from a top college when he was in elementary school, and Michael Avery accepted a scholarship offer in 8th grade.

"Recruiting is based on potential. It's not based on so much the talent. It's what they think you can become," says Ginn.

Ginn says when young athletes are recruited they should look at as a way to get their education not as a professional player. He say committing to a college at a young age is too early.

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