Cold AND Snow, Madonna Falls Down Stairs, Food Allergies and Antibiotics

Cold AND Snow, Madonna Falls Down Stairs, Food Allergies and Antibiotics

Dry air is helping keep us snow free for right now… but there will be snow today and it should be light! Watch out for Black Ice!

THURSDAY: Not a pretty day ahead blustery cold and snow showers up to 1" maybe a little more in a few spots.  High: 12

THURSDAY NIGHT:  wind chills between -15 to -20. LOW: -3

FRIDAY: Incredibly cold start Wind chills could be -10. COLD all day!  High: 9

LONDON (CNN) - Dressed like a matador, the queen of pop's performance was always sure to be dramatic, but 20 years since Madonna last performed on this stage, her comeback fell flat when she took a nasty tumble following a wardrobe malfunction.
Soon she was calming the nerves of her millions of followers, telling them her cape was tied too tight. In the eyes of her fellow performers she could do no wrong, and even before the show, she was the star attraction...
Before Madonna's fall, it had started out as the battle of the British boys... With Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and George Ezra facing off in the top categories.
The fans turned out at London's O2 Arena for selfies and autographs. But everybody wondered which Englishman would come out on top. Five-time Grammy winner, Sam Smith, was very complimentary about Ed Sheeran.
"I genuinely adore him as a person and as a friend, and I actually really want him to walk away with everything tonight, he truly deserves it," Smith said.
Ultimately honors were even - Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran taking two each of the Tracey Emin-designed statues home. The show itself was sprinkled with stardust - quite literally in the case of Taylor Swift's performance.
Kanye West was a late addition to the bill, and whipped fans into a frenzy when he dropped into a nearby chicken restaurant on his way to the show.
His wife Kim Kardashian pouted with the hosts, but it was his performance that set the stage alight, surrounded by a huge mob of dancers, with some firing flame-throwers.

(WOIO) - Millions of Americans are affected by food allergies. But there's a potential new danger to our immune systems: antibiotics used to keep pests away from fruits and vegetables, and to fatten up livestock. Check out what happened to one little girl.
More children are appearing to have allergic reactions to fruits and vegetables, but this has nothing to do with the food.
Farmers often use antibiotics to keep pests away and that's a problem for some children.
A case highlighted in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology explained how a 10-year-old suffered a life-threatening reaction after eating blueberry pie.
The girl had a history of asthma, seasonal allergies, and allergies to milk and penicillin. None of the ingredients in the pie were triggers for her.
It turns out the problem was the antibiotic streptomycin. The blueberries had been treated with this drug to keep bacteria, fungi, and algae from growing on the fruit.
Dr. James DeAngelo, an allergy specialist said, "This could explain why so many people insist they're allergic to berries, but when we test them to berries, they're negative, and then they reconsume berries, they seem to tolerate them. True allergies to any kind of berry are extremely rare."
Doctors think traces of streptomycin on produce, meat, and in the water supply could have played a role in the girl's reaction.
"One batch of blueberries may contain a high amount of streptomycin, whereas another may not. She already had what I call sensitivity to things in general, so was more prone," said DeAngelo.

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