Galapagos tortoise passes away at the Akron Zoo

Galapagos tortoise passes away at the Akron Zoo

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The Akron Zoo has announced the passing of a female Galapagos tortoise, Azul. Azul passed away on Thursday, February 19, 2015. Azul was born at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas on June 23, 1989. She arrived at the Akron Zoo on October 26, 1992.

Last week Animal Care Staff noticed a change in Azul's behavior. The zoo's veterinarian performed a CT scan and ultrasound on Azul. Tests showed she had a larger than normal amount of fluid around her heart. The zoo's vet was able to remove the fluid and Azul was being treated with antibiotics. Her heart was also being monitored daily. While her condition showed signs of improvement as the week progressed, she unfortunately passed away.

A detailed necropsy was performed following her passing and revealed that her reproductive tract, liver and heart were diseased. Additional test results are pending.

Azul weighed 165 pounds and was 32 inches long and her shell was 16 inches tall. Azul's half-sister, Pagos, the Akron Zoo's other Galapagos tortoise, is on exhibit in Komodo Kingdom.

The Galapagos tortoise is the largest living tortoise in the world. They are indigenous Galapagos Islands, which are located in the eastern Pacific Ocean of the western coast of South America. Galapagos tortoises are herbivores and they feed on a variety of grasses, leaves, cactus, vines and fruit. They obtain most of their moisture through their diet and can go for long periods without drinking.

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