LeBron James on his Son: Let him be a kid

Lebron James on his son and Derrick Rose

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James spoke to media on Thursday.

LeBron was asked about his son getting college offers, "My son is going to be a kid as long as he can be, that's all he needs to worry about. He loves to play the game of basketball, he loves to play video games, he loves to do his homework, that's all that matters, everything else doesn't matter. He loves his brothers and his sisters, his mom, his dad, his grandma's, let him be a kid."

"It's not my concern, my concern first of all is heartfelt for Derrick to go through another injury like that, a guy that has worked extremely hard to get back to where he was this year," James said on the season ending injury by Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose and how his injury impacts the East," To know his season will be taken away again because of injury doesn't help our game as a whole, but what it does for the landscape of the East, is not my concern."

The Cavaliers and the Warriors face off tonight at The Q. The Warriors have the best record in the NBA.

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