Cavs app makes games more fan friendly

Cavs app makes games more fan friendly

Cavaliers fans now have a way to get more involved in the game. All you have to do is download the team's app.

The Cavs are using technology to try to give fans a better experience when they go to Quicken Loans Arena. Everything from content about the team to special deals at the stores inside. It'll all be at your fingertips once you walk into the Q.

To get the enhanced fan experience, the first thing you need to do is download the team's app, log onto the Q's Wi-Fi, and make sure your Bluetooth is enabled. You'll begin getting messages as you move through the arena. On this night, it's a specialized story.
"You can see tonight it's five keys to the game," said Mike Conley, vice president of digital for the Cavaliers, who demonstrated the app for 19 Action News. "All mobile friendly," he added while scrolling through a story breaking down the matchup between Cleveland and Golden State Thursday night.
Not far from one of the security entrances is the team store. A message popped up on Conley's phone about a special sale.
"Tonight, we're releasing our new navy jersey," Conley said. "It's the first time we've worn it since the first game, opening night."
If you buy that navy jersey, you get a free pair of socks. There will be different specials on different nights.

The information sent right to your phone uses Gimbal's beacon technology. Some of the messages to fans will involve moments in the team's history.

Conley showed a message that linked to a video on his phone. It was a highlight of a big play from a game in 1976 at Richfield Coliseum, in which the Cavaliers beat the Bullets.

Everything is geared to give fans who download the app a better experience once they're inside the arena. With so many people using smart phones during the game, it's smart business.

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