Drivers dodge more potholes as winter wears on

Drivers dodge more potholes as winter wears on

The arctic assault we've seen this winter is tearing up roads across northeast Ohio, and pothole problems are pushing drivers to their limit.

Potholes are all over the city of Cleveland and drivers want to know when will they be repaired.

Chanse Moore just moved to Cleveland from Sandusky for work. He says he's not used to so many potholes, and had to pump up his tires twice on Thursday.

"Oh my gosh it's ridiculous, and my tire is kind of flat right now. I was freaking out. I think like my tire was like going to like explode or something. It was crazy," said Moore.

Driver Mary says she's also worried about driving down West 117th Street.

"I just came down 117, like, for the first time in a long time and I don't think I'll come back," said Mary.

We reached out to the city to find out when they would start repairing potholes. So far they have not gotten back to us.

According to a study by State Farm, damage from potholes can cost drivers between $300 to $700 in repairs on average.

19 Action News is on Pothole Patrol.  If you pass a pothole every day, take a picture and send it with the location to

Look for locations on the Pothole Patrol page on our website.

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