Hundreds of Clevelanders want police mini-stations back

Hundreds of Clevelanders want police mini-stations back

Councilwoman Dona Brady, Ward 11, and Rose Zitiello, Executive Director Westown CDC, delivered comments and petitions to Police Chief Calvin Williams, Mayor Frank Jackson, City Law Director Barbara Langhenry, and U.S. Attorney for Northern District of Ohio Steve Dettlebach.

The petitions contain over 1500 signatures of residents asking to restore neighborhood police mini-stations. The signatures represent residents, business owners and stakeholders throughout the City of Cleveland.

Brady states that mini-stations officers knew the residents and the residents knew the officers by name, resulting in a trusting, working relationship among the officers, the Community Development Corporations and the Council members. As a result of the dismantling the mini-stations over 10 years ago, many quality-of-life issues are not being addressed on a proactive basis. "I remain totally convinced that restoring the neighborhood mini-stations in our wards will resolve many of the issues outlined in the DOJ report including decreasing the police use of force," said Brady.

Cleveland police mini-stations were deconstructed over 10 years ago, 'without any community input or consensus.'

The City of Cleveland's City Planning Commission's Citywide Community Safety Goals states, "…success tends to be measured in number of arrests rather than, as it should be, in fewer incidences of criminal activity. Expand the scope of existing police services in our neighborhoods to include beat cops, police mini-stations, and auxiliary police."

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